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Monday - Thursday
06.00 - 21.00
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Personal Training
the personal touch
Safe, effective, private and personal training. Personal training with Wellness Thru Function is widely regarded by all who have trained with us as great value for money in terms of both service and results.
Group Training
people with a common goal
Our classes are created with the same principles used in personal training. The full spectrum of conditioning from injury prevention and biomechanical balance to direct performance are covered.
What We're About
We're all about Wellness Through Function. Okay, so what does that mean? It means we aim to get your body, with all its joints and muscles, functioning at its optimum. How do we do that? In very basic terms, we strenghten all the muscles and joints that are weak and cause problems. Because when you are functioning at your optimum, you feel great and look great!
Who do we train?
Everyone and anyone - from professional triathletes suffering from reoccuring injuries, to moms wanting to lose a bit of post-baby weight. We tailor-make each programme to suit the needs and goals of each individual, be it weight loss, overall health and energy, or injury recovery. By combining strength conditioning and diet advice, we achieve maximum results from minimum sustainable effort.
Who are we not?
Wellness through function is not a commercial one-fits-all option. We're not about fancy exercise outfits and the latest gear, or dance music and feel-good slogans. Although we have a whole lot of fun while we train, we are focussed and dedicated.
So if you are serious about seeing results, contact us to arrange a professional consultation and see how we can help you make your dream body a reality.
Victoria Park High School, Cnr Victoria Park Drive & 1st Avenue Walmer, Port Elizabeth

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